Welcome to Multi-Culti-Kraggenburg, a website for anyone who is interested in the way how we stimulate the integration of migrants in Kraggenburg. Migrants come mostly from Eastern European countries such as Poland and Hungary, but also from the Mediterranean and from other continents. A large proportion of these migrant have come here to work. Multi-Culti-Kraggenburg is part of ‘Dorpsbelang Kraggenburg’.

Our goal is to help the indigenous inhabitants of Kraggenburg and the new migrants to agreeably live, reside and work together.
We do this by organizing specific activities. Think of a Dutch language course, open days and gatherings / celebrations. This allows us to get to know each other, and understand each other better, and discover what each of us hold dear.

For the native Kraggenburgers it is good to know why the migrant workers are here, and how important they are for the businesses in the area. And for the migrants it is important to know how the village community works.

Here is a video about our activities (in Dutch):