Origin of the working group

In recent years in a short period of time a great many migrants came to Kraggenburg to work. Often they came for a short period, but sometimes for long periods of time and sometimes they even stayed permanently. Currently during most of the year there are about 200 migrant workers in our village present to a total of 1500 inhabitants. Thus, Kraggenburg was increasingly faced with people with a different language, different customs, a different culture and prosperity.

Some experiences were positive, but unfortunately there were also some negative experiences due to the unfamiliarity with each other and the considerable growth in the number of migrants.

Dorpsbelang wanted to anticipate by taking notice of the development.

The development is a indisputable fact, since many businesses in and around Kraggenburg are making use of migrant workers. Labour-intensive companies are very happy with this group of hard working people who are willing to work at all times that they are needed.

The form of a working group was chosen. The inaugural meeting took place on 22 November 2010.

Who participates in the working group

The working group Multi-Culti-Kraggenburg consists of ‘hands-on’ experts like employers and people who are working with migrants, companies who provide accomodation for migrants, catering establishments, inhabitants of the village, social work Carrefour, Dorpsbelang, and obviously migrants themselves.

The current committee members of the working group are ( from left to right):

Sandra Luten, Bregina Tuinstra, Anno Galama, Ron Potters, Annie v Boven.