‘Kern met pit’

In 2012 the working group Multi-Culti-Kraggenburg took part in the livability contest ‘Kern met Pit’, which may be translated as ‘Kernel with oomph’, an initiative of the Dutch company Heidemij.

We took part because we considered our working group in relation to livabilaty rather unique, and the goal of livability is the very thread of our existence.

 The activities that we offer are the spearheads, as there are the Dutch language course and the get-togethers.

By means of a newsletter we have kept the jury informed of our activities and the matters that called for our attention.

 January 14, 2012, the presentation of our project took place in the ‘Voorhuys’ in Emmeloord along with 7 other projects from the province of Flevoland. Saturday, January 19, 2013, was the award ceremony. With our project we have become the winner of the province of Flevoland and we received a prize of € 2500, -. Here the jury report can be read.

Here below you will find some photos of the kick-off meeting 14 January, 2012, in the ‘Voorhuys’ in Emmeloord.




And here are the photo of the awards ceremony of 19 January 2013: