Feedback group

In the last years the number of migrant workers has increased considerably in the municipality ‘Noordoostpolder’. Expectations are that in the coming years the number will keep on increasing strongly. Its impact on housing and livability obliged the municipality to set out a policy. Because we had already gained the necessary experience with migrant workers as a village community and as the working group Multi-Culti-Kraggenburg, at the end of 2011 the municipality invited us to take part in their feedback group ‘Migratiebeleid’ (‘Migration policy’).

In the feedback group also participated representatives of the municipality, employment agencies, housing authorities, residents, and social work Carrefour.

In four extensive meetings all the different aspects with regard to migrant workers have been under discussion.

Mid 2012 the draft policy was ready. It was discussed in the council committee and finally offered to the council for approval. There was much discussion on it, among other things concerning the desirable scope of new large-scale housing facilities for temporary migrant workers.
More on the policy may be read on the website of the municipality ‘Noordoostpolder’.